about Us

Our History Is Defined By Our Ability To Reinvent, Grow & Transform With Our Clients

Hi, I’m Genevieve, wife, mom, seeker of beauty, and s’mores enthusiast.

Life is busy. We live in a fast-paced, technological world where we are often more connected to our devices than our closest friends. We are pressured to keep up with all of the latest trends. We treat life like it’s a race that we need to make it to the finish line, but it’s a journey and adventure to be enjoyed and experienced.

Since being diagnosed with BRCA and breast cancer in 2017, I have been on a slow and bumpy road learning to let go of the overwhelm and comparison and create a life of purpose and delight, one tiny step at a time with daily bits of better.

Hey there, I’m Fred Williams – living the dream with my beautiful wife for over 19 spectacular years and being a dad to our three amazing little adventurers, Ella, Zachary, and Noah.

Nothing beats the thrill of hitting the open road with our trusty trailer, chasing the ocean spray, and embracing the starlit camping nights – that’s our family’s kind of magic!

Alongside my family man duties and wanderlust spirit, I’m an entrepreneur through and through, with a passion for molding brilliant ideas into reality. And when the camping gear is stored away, and the whiteboard is wiped clean, you’ll find me diving deep into the captivating world of tech.

I am looking forward to inviting you into my world and getting to know you a little.

We are the Williams, married for nearly two decades, parents to 2 teens, a pre-teen, and a house full (3) of pups.

We are creating a life we love one step at a time.

We have always worked well together and have been fortunate to have that experience early on in our marriage. Even when not working together in the traditional sense, we have always been a sounding board and source of encouragement to one another.

So, we combined our complementary talents and passions to share our insight and knowledge as we grow, develop new leadership skills, and find inspiration and connection with daily bits of better.